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Crucial Information Pertaining Iran Funding

It is crucial to understand the back story of the country Iran before talking about what Iran funding is all about. Iran is an Islamic Republic with majority of people practicing the Islamic faith.

Formerly the land now known as Iran was known as the Persian Empire. Iran was suspected to be having nuclear facilities because of the revelation of a certain exiled group in 2002. These allegations led to a stream of investigations while Iran continued to conduct nuclear developments. Subsequently, the United Nations imposed sanctions and other nations followed suit leading to bitter confrontations between Iran and other nations. These sanctions limited Iran’s oil business, sale of weapons and financial transactions which had adverse effects on the economy of Iran. In light of these confrontations the Iran nuclear deal was made. Its major aim was to keep in check Iran’s ability to produce nuclear weapons. The limitations placed on Iran would be removed henceforth.

Having this background information, now we can talk about Iran funding. We really know it is impossible to make any significant investment without funding.
Development of any form demands the presence of resources specifically money. Morality is considered when choosing a funding source. Iran funding arouses controversy and in moral dilemma. The reason is because terrorism has been associated with Iran funding. This article seeks to address this issue and show the beneficial side of the Iran funding. Removing the terrorism association with Iran funding is also a part of what this article seeks.

A good way to do this is to examine the bill that the Parliament of Iran passed recently. The bill takes a firm stand against financing terrorist activities. In so doing, the government of Iran clearly defines its stand concerning terrorist activities. It is an apparent fact that Iran funding is not associated with terrorist activities. What is more is that funds from Iran are being used to acquire talent and develop it among young people. The United Nations development program has also been a beneficiary of these funds from Iran. Through this donation, Iran has become one of the greatest participants in worldwide development of countries. By donating, Iran has helped fight malaria, HIV-AIDS and tuberculosis.

In conclusion, all these good reports show that Iran funding is a good option. It clearly sheds light on the subject matter that funding by the Iran nation is not simultaneous to terrorism activities.

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